Appetite For Distraction

by The Hoot Hoots

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Gabrielemenopee thumbnail
Gabrielemenopee It's like something from your roommate's stash ended up in your bottle of tylenol, and in a hurry you couldn't tell the difference. You went to work anyway, and your customers clapped as you danced on their table. Favorite track: Give it a Try.
Timbo thumbnail
Timbo "startropics" is great, and I can only prey that the song is about the NES game!

I am brand new on bandcamp, and this was one of the first things I downloaded (just on a whim) and I have listened it all the time.
It is so happy, fun, and upbeat! Favorite track: Startropics.
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released December 3, 2011

Recorded Mixed and Mastered by Adam Prairie of Hoot House Recordings.


all rights reserved



The Hoot Hoots Seattle

Seattle power pop quartet The Hoot Hoots are irresistible party starters. Their songs are powered by fuzzy guitars, fuzzier keyboards, and headhum-inducing hooks, and all these combine in a glorious, slightly insane energy in both their live shows and in their newest album, Colorpunch. ... more

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Track Name: Mr. Ghost
I see you standing in the pale moonlight
You're sending shivers up my spine
No I can't
I can't see
I can't see your eyes now whoo ooh ohh

Pull the covers up above my head
So cold even in my nice warm bed
This must be
This must be
What it feels like to be dead

What do you
Want me to do?
You just stare into my bedroom

This isn't true
But there you sway
There in my doorway

Hey mister ghost where do you go when it's day outside

It has been years
Since I saw you
Stare into my bedroom

Thought you weren't real
But my brothers say
They saw you in the doorway

Though we never said a word for years until we were grown
We all saw your silhouette the same at the end of the hall
I can feel the chills return when I consider the thought
That my eyes did not deceive,

Hey mister ghost where do you go when it's day outside
Track Name: Startropics
Mike son come to the beach
We can swim, we can search, we can talk to robots and dolphins

And if we get some guests from outer space
We will stand, we'll stand and fight, we'll watch them burst in flames

Coralcola, Miracola, Tunacola, Shecola, Bellcola, Howdoyoudocola
I've been all over this big blue world
I've seen aliens and beautiful girls

Island yo yo, fire stick
Super nova, asterisk
and a bola and a horse hide and a bat and spiky kicks

It seems our world is full of weapons so make the ghosties feel them
Track Name: Nightmares
Oh man that was a nightmare
It just gave me the creeps
I'm was sitting and waiting for you when a dinosaur ate my brains

You say to just "Relax.
You know you still have your brain."
But when I go back to sleep i see him again
Two blood red fangs floating my way

A little bit of heart
A little bit of steam
A little bit of mind will get me through this dream

A little bit of ma
A little bit of cream
A little bit of food's will make me feel

A little bit of hope
A little bit of life
A little bit of fright will make me scream

I need a little love
A little bit of me
A little bit of you

Maybe it's not a nightmare
Maybe this is what's real
And the nightmare was living A life where I could never fly so let's go try

A little bit of height
A little bit of room
A little bit of wind and a big bright moon

A little bitty jog
A little bitty jump
A little bit of panic as I start to plunge

A little bit nudge
A little bit of shake
a little bit of pinch now I'm awake

A little bit  of truth
A little bit of me
a little bit of you

So it was just a nightmare
It was just a bad dream
I'll just go back to sleep and say. Stay calm my brain Stay calm my brain.
Track Name: Worlds
In my mind there's a million different worlds
Some of them were planted some were born
Am I the hero? Am I the worst?
I'll just grab my sword and get on my horse

When I crossed the bridge past all the trees
My boots echoed and thundered
And I prayed my life wouldn't be the same
And I could ease the world's pain
Then my green haired girl stopped my focused gaze
told me "I won't forget you"
I left her standing there and didn't say goodbye
but her song keeps me safe

Good Yossarian doesn't want to die
He's about to lose his goddamn mind
Can he go home now? Or is he trapped?
Sends his pilots back to battered fields

Dunbar doesn't want the time to flow
Or reach the great unknown
Nurse Duckett wouldn't give him the time of day
but now she sees it his way
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear
Ou sont les Neige-dans l'antan
Scheiskopff has his never ending precious parades
their boots would echo and thunder

All these men I hope they get along
They're stuck inside my memory and they are gonna have to see
Each other all the time and meet each other's friends
and sing and laugh out on the sea, the shore is far behind we three
Track Name: Brighter
Wanna be home
But your home
is so alone

Lack of cash
And your life
Are just fine

Want a world
Where everyone's nice
But everyone's poor

We reach out
The moon
Spits out stars

And our world becomes a little brighter
Only from the ground we see our neighbors

is it so hard
To have power
And have a heart

would you live
If you had
Just one choice

Would you live today or tomorrow
Would it be a day in the eighties

Because some days will be a little sour
but you should know that nothing ever stays the same
Sometimes it's going to be a little harder
But you know you always have a place to start

But you run
You run away from it
The feeling that now is the best there is
That yesterday sucked and tomorrow's worse
and it comes
It goes as we sit
and watch the world turn and hear the clock tick
What if right now is the best there is

But you run
Track Name: Do You Know What They Say About The Pacific?
I was rolling down the street without a care
I was looking at the clouds and I felt my hair
Brush up on my neck as I rolled down the hill
I was happy to be out in the open air

It only been a few since I escaped
But I already felt my past had been swept away
Thought of all the times that I was pushed around
Thought about the time the cops came and chased me down

Watch it with your hands come on let go
I'm an innocent man I know you know
when your audience cries for blood, you need
somebody to blame I guess it's me

Rolled up to a dusty border town
thought I'd stretch my legs and poke my head around
Turned the corner and my heart fell to the floor
As I stumbled into two men in uniform

I stammered out my apologies
While the officers dusted off their sleeves
They said watch where you walk and pushed me down
And I thanked my lucky stars as they left town

So Red I'm gonna go to Mexico
Meet me on the beach I know you know
That I wanna go live my life in peace
In a warm and sunny place with no memory

Oh sunny days how I missed you
Track Name: No More Sad Songs
The world doesn't need anymore sad songs
It's hard enough to show that we care
My friend she doesn't seem to see her own tongue
Making happy people feel despair

About our difficult life long
Struggle to fit and belong
Where our bodies and our minds feel
Like they're ready and they're fit to deal

With white haired bad acts and their crooked black heart tricks
My fellow humans let us all relax

You say I saved my best tricks for last
But I look down and wait for it to pass
 Cause you could see the bulge in my sleeve
You look through me like a winter's tree
But you think i'm a polite guy
And think I'm tough and have kind eyes
And you believe my heart is pure
And I in shock say are you sure

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