Feel The Cosmos

by The Hoot Hoots

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Thadeaous Great music to happily stomp your feet to. Giddy synth tones and bittersweet lyrics invite the listener to enjoy the fleeting feeling of joy in every moment. Like young love (sigh) remember that stuff.. Favorite track: Home.
Ben Lewis
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Ben Lewis The Hoot Hoots are the best. Listening to their album (albums, actually they're all great) is just plain happiness. And I just this very second realized that this album cover is a Katamari Damacy reference. Yeah one of the songs is about that game. Favorite track: Home.
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released November 29, 2012

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Hoot House Recordings by Adam Prairie. www.hoothouse.com
All Songs Written by The Hoot Hoots www.thehoothoots.com


all rights reserved



The Hoot Hoots Seattle

Seattle power pop quartet The Hoot Hoots are irresistible party starters. Their songs are powered by fuzzy guitars, fuzzier keyboards, and headhum-inducing hooks, and all these combine in a glorious, slightly insane energy in both their live shows and in their newest album, Colorpunch. ... more

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Track Name: Go For A Walk
It's my day off and I'm gonna
Start my day
Play a game
Oh which
Which one should I choose?

I wanna roll up all the
Things that I
See so I can
To rebuild the sky

I beat ten levels I
I took a look outside
And much to my surprise
It's not day anymore!
Hey I don't wanna be alone anymore

So I called my friends to
See how they
Spent their day
They're so
Much more productive than me

Some of them made songs or
Fixed machines or
Baked delicious
All I can tell them is I

I beat ten levels I
Then stopped to rub my eyes
And much to my surprise
It's not day anymore!
Hey I don't wanna be alone anymore

Hey let's go for a walk under the city lights
Track Name: Jackson
I reached into my pocket, found a Jackson that I
Did not expect to find, all right!
Somebody told me when I was younger, a penny saved is one more
Penny that you have earned, but I never learned that lesson well

I threw them into fountains
Made a wish as I tossed 'em in
Time and again I was disappointed
Wasting money wishing

Oh but now
I wanna take you out
Hey let's go
Wherever you wanna go
And now
Go on and tell me about
what you want me to know
What do you want me to know?

There's a pattern on the pavement, a little drizzle then the
Sky opens wide. Where should we hide?
We keep on wishing for the summer to see mountains and eat
Blackberry pie, or fly a kite

We're waiting for the future, and when it comes
We're wishing for the past
We could spend our whole damn lives wishing for other
Times to live but lets just make the best of what we have.

Oh but now
I wanna take you out
Hey let's go
Wherever you wanna go
And now
Go on and tell me about
what you want me to know
What do you want me to know?
Track Name: Home
The universe was just a speck in space
Before you had a name, before you had a face
It was a pixel in one big infinite screen
It always flickers and it's not always what it seems

And as the stars evolved and began to turn
They turned their headlights on, it's such a pleasant burn
They didn't know that there were no eyes to see
Nobody there to watch, nobody there to shriek

Here comes my big blue sphere! (My home, my home)
Its gonna be my home! (It's gonna be my home)

My home

My universe it blinked and there were folks like me
First there were thousands now there's billions of human beings
Then we made beautiful things and lived beautiful lives
and solved some terrible problems to make sensible homes

Here comes my big blue sphere! (My home, my home)
Its gonna be my home! (It's gonna be my home)

My home
Track Name: Empty Hands
Armed with quarters from him mom
He's busy sneaking through the crowd
He grabs a sno-cone from the stand
Blue tongue and sticky mouth

And the crowd reacts to the game
That guy made a spectacular play
And he forgets what he has in hand
And his blue sphere falls down in the sand

And in a moment of panic he takes
His sticky ball of ice off the ground and places it
On top of his cone, despite all the pebbles and trash
'Cause he can't stand to return

Empty hands

He rolls up to the store
Without a purpose or a need
Somebody told him at the door
There's a sale on aisle 4

And he heads back to the display
The glossy boxes seem to call out his name
And he looks down at what he has in his hands
And can't conceive of a use or a plan

But in moment of panic he takes a few steps a way
From the shelf with ads where perfect models display
Bleached white teeth he heads to the front of the store
With box in hand 'cause he can't go home

No empty hands
Track Name: Friend Or Enemy
And the animals
They all ran for the hills
And the regulars
Stopped and wonder why it is

The city lights
Began to quiver at the sound
Of a mothership hovering covering
The starry sky for miles all around

They've studied our customs, now they ask for volunteers
A bright light surrounds the people standing in the street and as they disappear

They think I guess we'll wait and see
if they are friends or enemies

The visitors
Conduct all kinds of tests
At the end of it, they decide
we're only suitable as pets

We become popular as a gifts
They cant keep up with demand
So they take us all, every one, earth becomes
A quiet planet without man

We get accustomed to living in a cage
Passing the time with sex and video games
The animals come from the hills and populate
The cities and towns that we struggled to create

Nobody's left to be their friend or enemy
Track Name: Circles
Well, it's time for tea and you're still in bed
And your ignorance is common sense
As your fingers stick up to the sky
You start to worry passerbys

And then you start to feel like everything
Is out to get ya, come and get ya

And then I feel like everything
That's out to get you is out to get me too

I believe
(you believe)
Me and you
(You and me)
Is what I
(what you want)
What I want
(What you want)

but then you
(Yeah that's me)
Can't believe
(No I can't)
What I need
(And believe)
And don't see
(No you can't)

Well's he's coming for you so you' re feeling on fire
And he's coming for me so I'm feeling on fire
And he wants to set us all on fire
And thinks we need to be on fire

I am so confused
I don't know you
When did you become
Someone I run from?

And I know it's getting better
I know it's getting better
I will stop talking 'bout it
I will start acting on it

I am running in circles, I am spinning my wheels
I will never find my way out of here

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