Missile Teeth EP

by The Hoot Hoots

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released July 15, 2009



all rights reserved


The Hoot Hoots Seattle

Seattle power pop quartet The Hoot Hoots are irresistible party starters. Their songs are powered by fuzzy guitars, fuzzier keyboards, and headhum-inducing hooks, and all these combine in a glorious, slightly insane energy in both their live shows and in their newest album, Colorpunch. ... more

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Track Name: Robots in Space
Stopped being so fun
Thought your mom was the one
She's Queen in space

Did you're dad ever flee
with a rocket blast
on a two ton tank
going through deep space

is the one who kills
go by with a whack
through the age of steel
I have learned to feel
growing dead behind plates
Circuit smiles fate

I wanna fit into a space above my current altitude
I want to take your ears and make a tiny british Commonplace
I want to spend a year... a year that costs a lot....
I want to see you smile and see the stars with me
Crashing through the solar system blasting techno beats
Is kind of what it's like when you sit and talk with me
your shiny metal finger strike sequential sets of keys
Your flashing neon eyes turn me rainbow shades with glee
I never found ones and zeroes proper ways to say
I really can't run through my cycles when you roll away
It's magnetrons, and lightening bolts, and glitches all in one
When you leave the random things can't give me any fun
maybe if you watch my button flicker flash all day
You'll see where manufactured alike in many different ways
I'll radio a man who can wheel us through the dirt
And maybe if we're lucky we'll see the planets EXPLODE

This gentle Sphere
Would love to ride a bear
A robotic bear
with missile teeth
and big red eyes
that see a lot

....and when I put him to bed, I'll make sure to tuck him in real good
....To try and keep his thoughts away from the robot's haunted woods...
....In his dreams he'll frolic about with his solar paneled friends
.... Life for me could be complete if I could only... LIVE with a Bear!!!
Track Name: Australopithecine
Excavation site
I found I'm an Australopithecine
more than anybody else that I've seen

Fuzzy knuckle might
hang so low I might scrape 'em on the ground
But when I hear the sound of a black stiletto heel
I can help but steal one more second for a glance
as the silhouette advances towards me I'll be the one
who'll be watching, the birds in the trees

protruding brow and all
last 5 minutes beyond recall
this decrepit old skeleton says it all
I"m a hunched over primate trying hard to stand tall

I think I just took
one more step to be an intellectual
I think I understood a few syllables
of Finnegan's Wake, I should make sure to
publish my critique before long I'll be the one you will seek for
all your Joycean needs
all the college kids will abhor me
It's my solemn duty to bore thee

but I'll be the one you will run to
whenever you feel the need
to take your two page paper
and turn it into three

Do I prefer the desk?
Or do I prefer the trees?
Let's say we compromise.
And I"ll meet you somewhere in between.

Let's be rock stars.
Track Name: Through The Zoo
My baby please don't do this to me
I know you care but everywhere I see
Your smiling face on shiny stones
out on the street, I love you dear but sometimes I want to be alone

I get so aloof I forget how to use my clumsy feet
It's inevitable I'm gonna trip and stumble and get bloody bloody knees
I want you to swear, want you to swear you wouldn't harm me

I pounded my footsteps into the ground
I'm looking around, and all that I can see are pretty
caricatures bouncing up and down
I am intrigued the basic me bellows a mating sound

The inner intelligence checks the signs these beauties it unwinds
layers of ads once you get past the fads and you finally find
a clamorous zoo, waiting for you

The giraffes have short necks
and the monkeys walk erect
and they all play on kazoos
and they all talk down to you
I step down, baby I'm through
and I'm coming home to you