Silly Lecture Series

by The Hoot Hoots

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released May 25, 2011

Recorded by Adam Prairie at Hoot House Recordings.

Mastered by John McCaig at panicStudios in Seattle, WA.


all rights reserved



The Hoot Hoots Seattle

Seattle power pop quartet The Hoot Hoots are irresistible party starters. Their songs are powered by fuzzy guitars, fuzzier keyboards, and headhum-inducing hooks, and all these combine in a glorious, slightly insane energy in both their live shows and in their newest album, Colorpunch. ... more

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Track Name: Robots in Space 2.0
Stopped being so fun
Thought your mom was the one
She's Queen in space

Did you're dad ever flee
with a rocket blast
on a two ton tank
going through deep space

is the one who kills
go by with a whack
through the age of steel
I have learned to feel
growing dead behind plates
Circuit smiles fate

I wanna fit into a space above my current altitude
I want to take your ears and make a tiny british Commonplace
I want to spend a year... a year that costs a lot....
I want to see you smile and see the stars with me
Crashing through the solar system blasting techno beats
Is kind of what it's like when you sit and talk with me
your shiny metal finger strike sequential sets of keys
Your flashing neon eyes turn me rainbow shades with glee
I never found ones and zeroes proper ways to say
I really can't run through my cycles when you roll away
It's magnetrons, and lightening bolts, and glitches all in one
When you leave the random things can't give me any fun
maybe if you watch my button flicker flash all day
You'll see where manufactured alike in many different ways
I'll radio a man who can wheel us through the dirt
And maybe if we're lucky we'll see the planets EXPLODE

This gentle Sphere
Would love to ride a bear
A robotic bear
with missile teeth
and big red eyes
that see a lot

....and when I put him to bed, I'll make sure to tuck him in real good
....To try and keep his thoughts away from the robot's haunted woods...
....In his dreams he'll frolic about with his solar paneled friends
.... Life for me could be complete if I could only... LIVE with a Bear!!!
Track Name: Play
Growing up seemed pretty easy
When my mother told me magic protected me
That I didn't need to worry
But my imagination led to complications and I couldn't sleep at night

It's the things you believe and the things that you've been shown
And the things you know to say you knew because nobody knows any more
And when you walk a while by the water how you see more of the world
And how it moves and how it curves

Living right now has been easy
But my obligations will find it hard to hear

I don't know how I'll get things do today
All I wanna do is go outside and play

So I stopped here in the city
Trying to find a million reasons to leave
I found my friends and my fortunes
Came to me to stay when they could play around my world

It's the things they conceive and the people they have known
And the things they cry that make you cringe and bolt your ears to the floor
And when they start to work they'll start to see a whole new way
To be numb from boredom in this world

Twenty four hours will pass
And they'll have enough and start to sing a soft refrain to the door

I don't know how I'll get things do today
All I wanna do is go outside and play
Track Name: Golden Gardens
Flew to New York
Fell in love in Boston
Stared at me with coals
Ohh that's hot
Now I want to see her
Now it seems so silly
I think it's about time
I got up and got out

Imagined my home as a golden garden
With fruit and flowers
And veggies and trees
I needed a bird big enough to carry my bones
To see the stars
From the homes of angels

So Seattle it welcomed me back
The hills and mountains
Seemed to sing to me. They sang,
"Please don't leave us again."
I said, "No
I can't
'Cause you
You make me wild
You make me wild
Like a little child
I think I'll stay awhile."

Oh Rainier she is my dear
When I see her slopes I sweat I swoon
She doesn't like to come out when it's rainy
But when she glitters in the sun
My heart it flutters

I never found a place even when it's pouring
That refuses to quit or admit it's boring
We can find a hilly path going right to the sea
You have to believe
This is where you're meant to be
Get here right next to me

You got a real good habit of saying the right thing
And a real good mind for eyeing the truth
Track Name: Downtown
You and me we fell from two trees
Rolled downhill through the gardens
Tried to come up with solutions
To learn to have some patience

When I grabbed and pulled you down the street
You bit your lip and said no big deal
I never thought I'd snap and throw chains
Never thought you'd think it's all fair

Now it's time to see our mothers
And make sure they're not a bother
I'll take her out to see a movie
You'll take her down to see your town

Down to see your town. Downtown!

Took a tour of a tall tower
Saw one flight circle for hours
Started thinking man this ain't good
I need some tasty hot food

When I'm hungry I am a monster
Eat anything fine to dumpster
I seem to sense a little rumbly
It's a big bellow in my tumbly

And it's time to feel relieved now
I can laugh so easy somehow
I think it's time to kill those frowns
I think it's time to see my town
Track Name: Walrus and Rigby
I'm the wizard pulling fireworks from air
I know you'll stop an stare
Now I'm the champion of playing silly games
You know they're all the same
I feel I'm every little story that I see
And every melody
Humming softly and I echo through the hall
It's mine but it sounds like Paul's

Well John lied the Walrus was me
And my mother was Eleanor Rigby
And the Fool on the Hill just watched me bleed
All of these tunes that I hear
That perpetually ring in my ears
Yeah they're blurring the lines between my mind and what's outside

Well I tossed around the questions in my head
Beat em all to death I
Tried to figure out exactly who I am
Tried to sift through all the damn lies
I can't seperate myself from what I've seen
At least not completely
But I'm aware enough to know that I can choose
To change my point of view

Well John lied the Walrus was me
And my mother was Eleanor Rigby
And the Fool on the Hill just watched me bleed
All of these tunes that I hear
That perpetually ring in my ears
I need take a second to think in front of mirror

Hey buddy do I know you
And what the hell are you doing in my bathroom
I thought I ditched you late in the nineties
Is that face what everybody else sees?

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